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Toward the Next Century

2021 Sustainability Report

“As we look ahead, we’re excited for the “green future” and in this report we will share some of our initiatives and accomplishments. We start this journey by ensuring safe and responsible operations as our foundation.”

Jesse Gary, CEO

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Pure Enough for Space

Our Hawesville facility in Kentucky is proud to be the largest producer of high purity aluminum in the United States. At purity levels that average over 99.9%, this premium product is suitable for the most demanding applications, such as in high performance aircraft, scientific equipment, and the International Space Station.

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In addition to the sustainability benefits inherent in aluminum, Century takes this a step further by reducing carbon emissions in the manufacturing process in Natur-Al™, our low carbon product. Natur-Al™ is produced at our Nordural smelter and has one of the lowest aluminum CO2 footprints in the world. We accomplish this through seamless reduction processes, strict adherence to the highest standards in sourcing bauxite and using only renewable energy. As with all aluminum products produced at Norðurál, Natur-Al™ is made with energy from 100% renewable resources.

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Sun and Wind in the Netherlands

In 2021, our team at Vlissingen partnered with energy cooperative Zeeuwind in the Netherlands to install solar panels on Vlissingen’s roofs over the course of the coming year. A total of 9,000 solar panels will be installed, providing enough energy to power 1,000 households. Regulatory restrictions prevent us from using the energy in our own manufacturing processes, but we are proud to provide clean, sustainable energy to the local community.

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Sustainable Growth

As we grow and expand our operations, our commitment is to manage our emissions responsibly and reduce CO2 emissions per tonne of primary aluminum. Even incremental reductions of our carbon footprint per tonne of finished product require steady improvements in technology and processes, investments in operational stability, training of skills and environmental awareness, and constant oversight over the entire value chain.

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Century's COVID-19 Response

Our commitment to safety is underscored by our response to the COVID-19 pandemic. From the beginning, we have taken aggressive proactive steps to protect our employees who have come to work throughout the entirety of the pandemic. As the situation evolves, we have adapted our strategy to ensure we limit cases of COVID-19 amongst our employees. Our employees over the course of the last few years have continued to keep all of our operations running throughout these unprecedented times, with no curtailments nor closures.

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